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During Summer vacation 2024 July 01 to Sep 08

*Office Hours: Every Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and Wed. in summer vacation)



1.    If choosing to pick documents at Shaung-ho Campus, please go to the administrative center on the 4th floor of the teaching and research building.
2.    We not accept applications delivery to foreign countries. Sorry for causing any inconvenience.
If you need assistance from registration section to email overseas units, we only accept transcript/certificates printed within one month for the application and please provide scanned files clearly to registration section.
3.    To apply for a new degree certificate, must provide a copy of the both side of your identification card / passport for verification through the system.
4.    Transcripts and certificates are official documents; therefore, please ensure that you fill in the English name on your passport accurately. Once the application has been submitted, changes to the profile cannot be made arbitrarily.
(1)Alumni: Please hand in "Application for Change of Personal Information".
(2)Current Student: Please log in to the Academic & Student Affairs Information System .
5.    Please ensure that you provide complete and accurate information in all the fields of the system. Your application will only be accepted once both the required documents and payment are successfully completed.
6.  No refund will be given in the following cases:
(1) If not receive reply within one week after contacting the application for supplementary parts, documents will not be made. Application will not be refunded also cannot be changed to other items.
(2) Those who do not meet requirements of the certificate, such as not taking enough credits for mini program etc., but apply for relevant certificates, application will not be refunded and cannot be replaced with items of same price.
(3) If the certificate and other documents are not collected within three months of the application time, they will be destroyed. Please reapply.
8.    Application Fees and Pick-up Days, please refer to the attachment "Chinese/English Document and Postage Fee Schedule".
9.    The system is operational 24 hours a day. Applying and completing payment after 12 p.m. (GMT+8) will be considered as an application for the following day. Document processing will commence from the next working day.
Our office is open for collecting documents on weekdays, Monday through Friday, with hours from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.
10.    If any other problem,
(1) Domestic Alumni and Current Students, please contact Registration Section
TEL:02-27361661 EXT.2113
(2) Overseas Alumni, please contact Public Affairs Section Alumni Service
TEL:886-2-27361661 EXT.2651
Attention : Applying for other people’s documents without their permission will be charged with a crime !!!

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